Norway is not only one of the wealthiest, happiest and prosperous countries in the world but its host to the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. The cause of this prosperity has been mainly to do with the discovery of oil and gas in the North Sea complemented by a forward thinking government that has reinvested its capital into Norwegian Society. However, the oil wealth has overshadowed much of Norway’s expertise in alternative energy and advanced B2B technology in a variety of fields. In addition, much of this technology has not been globalized or grown outside of Norway. Thus, the strategy that is employed by the Fund is to find opportunities where the company has revenue, smart management, leading technology and support from the Norwegian Government through grants and loans.
AV Growth Equity

AVG is based in Luxembourg and has established the Nordic ESG and Impact Fund LP (the Fund), in order to capitalize on the large amount of deal flow stemming from the Norwegian venture capital market and project infrastructure market. The Fund’s objective is to take a strategic equitable positions in Norwegian based companies and projects through a combination of common equity, preference shares and warrants. The target sectors follow from the main focus of the Norwegian government which are, clean tech, renewable energy, waste to energy, EVs, battery technology, aquafarming, green data centers, wind, solar and a variety of others. 

The Government is helping Norwegian companies globalize and gives both generous grants and loans to growth companies within their targeted sectors.

The Fund will facilitate the Norwegian companies expansion with the applications for financial support with Norwegian Government programs.

AV Growth Equity