Bonfiglioli Raphaël

Bonfiglioli Raphaël


With more than 15 years experience into different roles within fund industry, Wealth Planning and corporate  governance, I have a strong knowledge of my profession and a high sense of responsibility. I am able to work alone on projects but also within a team; this flexibility has helped me to take on a number of different roles within financial services. I am very creative and I always think to improve ways of working. 

I have a sense of priorities. I take the right decisions quickly and serenely. I have always been considered as a  dialogue manager. I have always been respected by my team and my hierarchy. This allowed me to get the best of each and build strong teams.

The creation of a new entity dedicated to regulated product “TrustConsult Fund Solution” or “OWL Advisory  SA” were success. In this creation phase, I was led to demonstrate my flexibility by taking charge of several additional tasks: legal, marketing, compliance or Risk.  

My role as sales Manager allowed me to prove that the technical experience coupled with an acute sense of  communication, can convince customers to work with my team.