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Peter Fusaro is a partner at AV Group focused on ESG and Impact investing. He is a New York Times best-selling author, thought leader and leading international authority on sustainability, renewable energy, energy efficiency and the transition to the low carbon economy. Seminal work included with the Toyota Prius Development team, taking the lead of out gasoline with the US EPA, and transferring that knowledge to Asia in 1993 influencing fuel reformulation in that area of the world. Peter founded the Wall Street Green Summit in 2002 ( to highlight financial and technological innovations to maket the world a better place. The Summit is the oldest sustainable finance event in North America.  He continues to focus on market acceleration in sustainable finance and impact investing to meet UN SDG goals.

Peter was a partner in Energy & Environmental Capital Partners, a clean energy venture capital fund focused on early stage cleantech companies. Today, he is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Columbia University Tech Ventures where he mentors early stage cleantech companies. Peter was a professor at Columbia University where he created and taught the course on renewable energy project development and finance.  He has lectured on the clean energy transition at leading universities including MIT, Yale, Wharton, Northwestern, Carnegie-Mellon, Swiss Finance Institute and London Business School. He was on the Advisory Boards of the University of Michigan's Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise at the for 8 years Ross School of Business and Bard College's MBA in Sustainability for 5 years.

Peter was a former policy maker at the US Department of Energy in Washington DC and the NYC Mayor's Energy Office as well as senior executive at ABB and Petroleos de Venezuela. Peter was selected for Who's Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award. Since 1975, Peter has worked on sustainability in academia, government and business, and is the author of 16 books on energy and the environment. He continues to mentor hundreds of young professionals giving career guidance on sustainable finance. He is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon and Tufts Universities.